Shruti Ailani

Microsoft Security Technology Specialist

Armed with Big-4 managerial experience of EY, cyber start-ups as well as international organizations such as Formula1, AWS, Dropbox, Facebook, Google, I bring cybersecurity solutions that empower every customer. Empowered with thought leadership alongside technical strength, in cyber security and privacy domains cross-geographies (Middle East, EU, US,), I aim for a two-way knowledge sharing today. Off-work, I am an avid reader, scuba diver, a bungee jumper and a squash player.

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APIs – the next underestimated attack surface

Description Having secured assets like identities, devices, data & infrastructure to a large extent, what escapes the eye mostly/remains the blind spot is the mushrooming security risk associated with APIs. It is an infinite game of protecting your workloads and keep your data safe. Are you aware of how many APIs on an average your […]