Sander van de Velde

Sander is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), awarded for his Azure IoT community work. He is a member of the Microsoft Azure Advisory Board and he is also a community lead for the Azure IoT Community.

Sander is involved with all aspects of the Azure IoT Platform and Azure in general. He likes to work on IoT innovations and he implements new finding in his daily work with partners, clients, and the community.

For Sander, it is important to share knowledge between IT and OT. And he is committed to this by writing blogs, articles for magazines and giving lots of presentations and workshops. Follow Sander at @svelde

Mijn sessies

[Workshop] Connect industrial IoT devices to the cloud using Azure IoT Edge

You want to introduce IoT in your company but your devices cannot reach the internet? Or you want to limit the amount of data sent to the cloud? Or you do not want to disclose IP or privacy sensitive data? Or you want to limit the lag in your feedback loop? Azure IoT Edge makes […]