Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk

Technologist at GO-INIT

Ryan is a self-employed Technologist at GO-INIT focused on the EUC and Code area. Ryan is primarily focusing on the user experience in centralized desktop environments. With his development skills, Ryan is capable of adapting quickly to customers’ needs by having an agile mindset. Ryan is a bit lazy, yes lazy but in a good way. Ryan is all about automation as he is not made for repeating tasks.

Community is very important for Ryan as he is an active blogger and has published multiple tools. Next, to his personal blogs and tools, Ryan is also a member of the Remote Display Analyzer team and TeamRGE. Ryan has been awarded several times for Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and currently holds the Citrix Technology Professional (CTP), NVIDIA vGPU Community Advisor (NGCA) and VMware vExpert status.

If you ever meet Ryan you can always do him a pleasure buying a beer because he loves beer.

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