Ronny de Jong

Microsoft, Security Technical Specialist

Ronny has years of experience in a continuously changing Microsoft IT landscape and knows how to navigate smoothly at the intersection of technology and business. As a former multi-year Microsoft MVP, more than connected with technology to bridge the gap to the business as a trusted advisor to realize value. Passionate about technology. Help customers to streamline and strengthen their security posture by eliminating the complex. Security Transformation. Lead by example. Learning over knowing. Make the complex simple.

Blog: https://www.ronnydejong.com/

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APIs – the next underestimated attack surface

Description Having secured assets like identities, devices, data & infrastructure to a large extent, what escapes the eye mostly/remains the blind spot is the mushrooming security risk associated with APIs. It is an infinite game of protecting your workloads and keep your data safe. Are you aware of how many APIs on an average your […]


Managing the unmanaged with Security Management for Defender for Endpoint

Description The security threat landscape is confusing and changing rapidly – there’s so much out there, how do you keep up to understand where the true risks are and keep your assets safe from bad actors? It all starts with insights and managing your endpoints. But what if they are not? Security Management sets the […]


Attack Surface Reduction rules… your best ally against ransomware attacks!

“Your files have been encrypted! To decrypt the files, follow the following instructions…” Behind this dreaded message is much more than the cybercriminal sending it. The deployment of ransomware is often the most visible (and painful) step in a much larger process, in which many criminal actors and activities together form a complex whole. It […]