Rens Kattenberg

Senior Solutions Architect at Liquit

I’m Rens Kattenberg and work as Senior Solutions Architect at Liquit. I have created many solutions to implement Liquit into the real-world scenario’s, like AVD, Citrix, VMware, Intune, MDT, and local or in combination. If new functionality in Liquit needs to be created, I can address this with development or create it myself. My strength is to find Solutions with of out of the box thinking within the current delivered software.

Mijn sessies

Who is smarter; You or the Smart Icon?

Description System administrators have the challenging task of balancing the best performing VDI solution with security, complexity, resources, and the maintenance of it all. They need to combine multiple solutions into one modern workspace for the end user to do their job without any disruption or understanding of the system. In this session at ExpertsLive, […]

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