Pete Zerger (US)

Pete is an author, speaker, and 12-time Microsoft MVP, focusing on cloud security, architecture, process automation and DevOps. Pete has been a speaker at popular technical conferences around the world including Microsoft Ignite and Experts Live. He has authored several books, including “Inside the Microsoft Operations Management Suite” and “Defending the New Perimeter”, and several training courses, including the “Microsoft Cybersecurity Series” for LinkedIn. Pete is Managing Partner of the US branch of Lumagate, an 8-time MS Partner of the Year, as well as a member of FBI Infragard.

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Defending the New Perimeter: Anatomy of a real-world hack.

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The network perimeter as you once knew it is history, and your sensitive information must be protected from wherever it is accessed. The stakes can add up to tens of millions in losses. In this one-of-a-kind session, we will examine a high-profile security breach of an industry giant, examining how the attack could have been […]


“I got 99 problems but security ain’t one”

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Face it: security becomes more and more important in this digital and cloudy world! Securing your digital workload and applications is crucial to keep your business safe and your data private. Join this session to find out how Azure Security and OMS security solutions help you to detect, remediate and prevent attacks and breaches in […]

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