Marco Mansi

Lover of Microsoft technology, Azure & .NET architect and developer.
Sharing knowledge is a duty, getting it must be fun!

Focus and dedication to everything that has to do with technology and, most of all, software development and architecture is what describes me.
I’m curious and interested in everything that is new and seek to understand the more quickly the potential and the ability to implement these technologies in the real world.
I love open source and I think that sharing knowledge is the key to make better things.

I’m the co-founder of the Dutch Azure Meetup, a series of meetings to share Azure knowledge using a hands-on approach.

Mijn sessies

Infrastructure as Code on Azure: Bicep vs Terraform

The two most promising technologies to provision resources on Azure find each other in this session. To get everything out of the cloud that it has to offer, applying Infrastructure as Code is a must. This practical session focuses on this important facet of DevOps. During this session, the two rivals are shown using demos […]