Dave Smits

Dave Smits works since October 2017 at Pandora Intelligence. Pandora Intelligence is a startup delivering a solution to get the narrative out of data.

In his spare time also very often busy with software development and in love with Azure DevOps since it was launched as TFSService. Build a couple of extensions to boost his teams productivity and those are available in the Azure DevOps marketplace.

Dave is also very active in the communities. January 2014 that got rewarded with an MVP award by Microsoft.

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Customize Azure DevOps to boost your productivity to the max

Every application is different, and teams developing and managing those application need different tools to be productive. Azure DevOps offers great services out of the box to plan, code, build and release your app but sometimes you need a little more. No worries Azure Devops has you covered. Azure DevOps offers a great set of […]

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