Azure Private Link & Azure Private Endpoint, what’s so Private about it & can I use it for AVD?

Security is one of the most important things that a Cloud admin (IT Administrator) should always keep in mind, especially when managing business critical workloads in Azure. Our previous session about Azure Bastion was a great start, but we want you to make your environment even more secure.
In this session, you will not learn 1 Azure PaaS service, but 2: Azure Private Link & Azure Private Endpoint, both linked to each other! And we keep on linking, because we also see how we can use this service with our AVD environment.
Join us in this demo-filled session to learn which service can help you, and how it can make your environment more secure.

What will visitors learn ?
The audience will first learn what this well hidden Azure Private Endpoint is exactly & what you can do with it, to continue to the obscure Azure Private Link Service , and to finish we even link it all to our AVD environments which we all love so much ??

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