• 10 Do's and Don'ts on Windows Virtual Desktop

    Microsoft announced Windows Virtual Desktop at Ignite last year, it became GA this summer and the demand for it has been enormous.
    Micha has been involved since the earliest preview and has been running WVD in many forms & deployment types.

    Join this fun & interactive session in which Micha will share his experiences when setting op Windows Virtual Desktop, what you should do, and what you really shouldn't do!

    Walk away with the information you need to get a jump start on your implementation!

    Room 1
    Tue 7:40 AM — 60 min
  • All about the on-premises data gateway - Power Bi, Power Automate and PowerApps

    Using hybrid data in Power BI, PowerApps or Power Automate is a breeze with the On-Premises Data Gateway, giving users a whole new way to modernize their workplace. In this session, Andreas gives an overview of the On-Premises Data Gateway, how to administer it and how users can handle the data and connections as effectively as possible.

    Room 2
    Tue 7:40 AM — 60 min
  • Azure IoT Central, your rapid, low-coding IoT Dashboard

    Do you need an easy to setup, easy to configure and easy to use IoT dashboard for your PoC, Pilot or production solution?

    Azure IoT Central is a fully managed global IoT SaaS solution that makes it easy to connect, monitor, and manage your IoT solution at scale.

    In this session, I introduce several Azure IoT enabled devices and connect them to IoT Central Dashboards. And I show how to make a two-way connection with most of them to send back commands.

    IoT Edge support and the newly introduced IoT Plug&Play will be demonstrated too.

    Afterward, attendees will be able to start visualizing their own IoT solutions and integrate with other Azure services.

    Room 2
    Tue 8:00 AM — 60 min
  • 5 crucial mistakes made in IT-projects (and how to avoid them)

    Many IT-projects don't meet expectations, run over budget and time or run forever and a week. I show you 5 things that you can apply to your projects to improve your results. Based on 20 years of experience in IT-Projects.

    Room 1
    Tue 8:10 AM — 60 min
  • Azure PaaS Services and Network Integration - When? What? How? Why?

    When you are working with Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings to create your Apps and Solutions, sooner or later there will be a request for Network Integration.
    This session will help you to understand the available options to integrate PaaS services into Azure Networks. We will figure out how this affects your solution-design and which limitations apply. Also we will have a look into services that do not have options to integrate and how you could mitigate this.
    Let's figure out how to make PaaS happen!

    Room 2
    Tue 8:15 AM — 60 min
  • Azure Security Center basics from the ground up

    Azure Security Center has been steadily growing in its possibilities and features in the past few years and more is being added at a rapid pace. Visit this session to hear more about what is going on and how it can help you keep your machines and organization safe. We will be showing you the basics on how to get started with this technology.

    Room 2
    Tue 8:40 AM — 60 min
  • Access your Azure VMs without RDP by using Azure Bastion

    Azure Bastion is a new solution to securely access Azure virtual machines without using Remote Desktop (RDP or SSH), or use a separate jump server. Instead, Azure Bastion uses an HTTPS Web connection directly from your browser. In this session, Hyper-V MVP Ronald Beekelaar will explain and demonstrate how to enable Azure Bastion, and how to integrate with your existing Azure environment.

    Room 1
    Tue 9:00 AM — 60 min
  • Don't bother your users with Mobile Device Management, embrace modern!

    As an administrator or security department you don’t want to manage those thousands of different mobile Android and iOS/iPadOS devices that might be used to access your corporate e-mail or documents. Focus instead on the corporate apps and data. Learn in this session from notes from the field how to enable users to access their corporate email, documents, intranet sites or other cloud services by using Microsoft Endpoint Manager together with Azure AD.

    Room 2
    Tue 9:00 AM — 60 min
  • Everything you need to know about the management and maintenance of VMs in Azure

    Azure provides a fabric on which to run your organization's virtual machines that differs from on-premesis fabrics based on Hyper-V and VMware. For example, the Azure IaaS VM fabric includes functionality such as security management, just in time remote access, integrated backup and recovery and cost management functionality. In this session, Thomas and Orin will show you how to perform practical Azure IaaS VM administration tasks to ensure that you're getting the most out of deploying your VMs in the cloud.

    Room 2
    Tue 9:15 AM — 60 min
  • Applying cloud governance in 10 steps

    Getting in control of your Azure environment isn't easy. Teams build software and take it into production in a blink of an eye. Before you know it your dependent on a uncontrollable mess of Azure services. I will show you a simple but effective governance framework to get back in control of your cloud. Or even better start using the cloud in a controlled manner.

    Room 1
    Tue 9:30 AM — 60 min
  • Five annoying things of Intune and Autopilot and how to avoid them

    In this session, I will tell about five things that can happen when you start using Autopilot with Intune to roll out new devices in your organization. Not only will these things be shown in live demos, but I will also show you how to resolve these issues.

    Room 2
    Tue 9:35 AM — 60 min
  • From Lift-and-Shift to Cloud-Native: the app modernization process

    As the IT market is more and more shifting to cloud-based computing, application developers are under pressure to get their apps cloud-ready. How does one get started? Do I need to avoid my social life for a year to rebuild my codebase? No! Let me show you how to setup a roadmap towards the v1, v2, vNext modernization process of your app!

    Room 2
    Tue 9:50 AM — 60 min
  • Automate adding External Users for Power App using Graph in Power Automate

    Finally Power Apps are now available for external users outside your organization! In this session we will show you how to automate the invitation process using Azure AD B2B and Microsoft Graph API in Power Automate. Key takeaway from this session is how you can empower your citizen developers and delegate invitations from inside their own workspaces. The session will be mostly demos and show a real life practical example of using this for a customer support portal.

    Room 1
    Tue 9:55 AM — 60 min
  • Getting started with SQL Server automation - dbaTools

    We'll take a look at what PowerShell has to offer for SQL Server. What can PowerShell do "out of the box", what functionality can you easily extend?
    To deepen the insights we do a "speed dating" with various PowerShell commands in different fields of activity. From CSV import to version upgrade to checking SQL server settings.

    Room 2
    Tue 10:00 AM — 60 min
  • Best practice to adopt Teams at SMB Customers

    The adoption of Microsoft Teams is a special challenge. Especially in smaller companies with 50-250 employees, different rules apply than in the enterprise sector. Fears and resistance make the rounds faster in the company canteen and so team adoption can quickly become a problem.
    In my session, I describe our approach and what needs to be paid particular attention to the SMB customers. Many best practice examples complete the presentation.

    Room 1
    Tue 10:25 AM — 60 min
  • Harvesting AzureAD: How to uninstall your AD FS starting tomorrow

    With Azure Active Directory evolving every single day we still see the majority of enterprises on Active Directory Federation Services for enabling SSO to Office 365 and other services. What options are there to move to AzureAD and remove critical on-premises infrastructure like AD FS. This session covers real life migration scenario's to Azure Active Directory Pass-through Authentication and Password Hash Sync including AzureAD Application Proxy. What security requirements come into play while moving your IdP?

    Room 2
    Tue 10:25 AM — 60 min
  • How Kubernetes on Azure with AKS empowers your success

    Containers and microservices are great! With Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and .NET Core, the Microsoft ecosystem is making it easy to run containerized workloads. But as an ITPro you face new challenges. This session shows you how to become a hero from zero with modern technology.

    Pascal will show what's needed to run the application on Kubernetes. Let's have a look at the real-world challenges when starting to use Kubernetes to host applications. During demos, you will get to know how to apply scaling, high availability, self-healing, multiple environments, configuration, secrets, and security.

    Join this session to see what it involves to empower your success using Kubernetes.

    Room 2
    Tue 10:50 AM — 60 min
  • Building and managing landing zones with Azure Blueprints and Azure DevOps

    Infrastructure as Code doesn’t have to be complicated. But getting started can be quite overwhelming. During this session we’ll go from a design first approach with Azure Blueprints to a fully automated deployment with Blueprints as Code and Azure DevOps. Based on a use case and demos Wesley will take you through the steps required to build and manage your landing zones and implement guard rails early in the process. We will look at both single tenant as well as multi customer (cross-tenant) scenarios.

    Room 1
    Tue 10:55 AM — 60 min
  • How to Accelerate your VDI - RDS Migration to Windows Virtual Desktop

    See the different migration paths ahead for Windows Virtual Desktop to Microsoft Azure. You'll learn the common – most efficient - migration scenarios and best practices from Christiaan Brinkhoff, from the Global Black Belt team within Microsoft. Our main goal is to help you accelerate and simplify your migration path from Remote Desktop Services environments to Windows Virtual Desktop with all the tools provided by Microsoft 365. He’ll also cover how FSLogix Technologies can improve profile, application management and how it prepares your current virtual desktop environment before moving to Windows Virtual Desktop!

    Room 2
    Tue 11:10 AM — 60 min
  • DevOps and Machine Learning

    With machine learning becoming more and more an engineering problem the need to track, work together and easily deploy ML experiments with integrated CI/CD tooling is becoming more relevant than ever.

    In this session we take a deep-dive into the DevOps process that comes with Azure Machine Learning service, a cloud service that you can use to track as you build, train, deploy and manage models. We zoom into how the data science process can be made traceable and deploy the model with Azure DevOps to a Kubernetes cluster.

    At the end of this session you have a good grasp of the technological building blocks of Azure machine learning services and can bring a machine learning project safely into production.

    Room 1
    Tue 11:25 AM — 60 min
  • How to build an endpoint management automation factory

    Come and join this session and see how you can build a robust Endpoint Management automation factory in the Cloud. It's your chance to automate labor-inventive, recurring, and tedious Endpoint management activities.

    It’s a demo-packaged session that no Unified Endpoint manager engineer can skip. For example, there are demos where you can see how I use DevOps to launch my scripts with the power of the Graph API. The demonstration continues with creating the first solution, which is capable of automatically back-up (version control) your Intune configuration, compliance & Conditional Access settings. Secondly, you can see how I use the automation factory for assigning Intune scope-tags (RBAC) for devices where the primary user is a member of a specific group.

    Warning this session can unlock your PowerShell creativity! After the session, it's time to use your new skills, what are you going to automate first?

    Room 2
    Tue 11:30 AM — 60 min
  • How to get started with Windows Virtual Desktop (including best practices and lessons learned)

    In this session we will take you through the steps on how to execute a successful Windows Virtual Desktop project. This includes the specific use cases, the (technical) requirements and components, management tools, best practices and our lessons learned.

    Room 2
    Tue 11:45 AM — 60 min
  • Filling the void: creating the AzSentinel PowerShell Module

    This session is essential for automation experts! In this session Pouyan will talk about how to reverse engineer Azure Sentinel in order to build the AzSentinel PowerShell module. This will allow you to manage your Azure Sentinel environment through PowerShell.
    In this session with a lot of demos, Pouyan will show you how to reverse engineer what’s happening behind the Azure Portal. He will also share his own lessons learned about building this module.

    Room 1
    Tue 11:50 AM — 60 min
  • Implementing the modern workplace: Notes from the field

    In deze sessie wil ik dieper ingaan op de ervaringen die we hebben opgedaan bij het implementeren van de moderne werkplek bij onze klanten het afgelopen jaar. De onderdelen die aan bod komen zijn Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune, AutoPilot), Azure AD, Conditional Access, Windows Hello for Business (hybrid) en legacy file shares:).

    Room 2
    Tue 12:00 PM — 60 min
  • Getting started with Azure Cognitive Services

    Wouldn't it be great if we could have our applications see, hear, speak, understand and interpret the needs of our users? We'll do just that in this session "Getting started with Azure Cognitive Services".

    Azure Cognitive Services are APIs, SDKs, and services available to help us build intelligent applications with little to no AI or data science knowledge. They enable adding cognitive features into our applications. The goal of this session is to help you create applications that can see, hear, speak, understand, and even begin to reason. We'll take a look at the five main pillars: Vision, Speech, Language, Web Search and Decision.

    Next to the awesome things we can do with Cognitive Services, security of course is also very important to take into account. So for those of you concerned about confidential data going into those services there's going to be an extra special example at the end of the session... 🤓

    Room 1
    Tue 12:15 PM — 60 min
  • Improve your e-commerce application with Azure Cognitive Services

    Student Book Market started to be only a school project, but in the end it became an online platform used by many students who wanted to sell or buy educational books or notes.

    Azure Cognitive Services can be used in different ways to innovate an e-commerce application. Customers can provide details about the product they want to sell, or find their desired items just by providing a picture of them. They could also get better recommendations based on their activity. Customers who have problems with their eyesight can also seamlessly navigate through your web application with the use of the different APIs of Azure Cognitive Services.

    In this demo-oriented session you receive hands-on knowledge about Azure Cognitive Services, and about how to apply them in your .NET application, to provide an innovative e-commerce platform for your customers.

    Room 2
    Tue 12:15 PM — 60 min
  • How to secure your email (data) - black belt edition

    Email is still the most commonly used service within every organization. Of course, SMTP traffic is encrypted in transition (by default) but what about the rest of the journey? And what about preventing and detecting phishing, spoofing, malware and SPAM?
    What options are available by default within Office 365 – Exchange Online and what does Office 365 ATP (P1/P2) add to the mixture?
    In this session we’ll cover topics like OME and the new (default) options within EXO/EOP. We’ll show you how ATP adds extra value on top of these with features like Threat Explorer, Threat Tracker, Automated Investigation and Response and the rich reports + alerting.
    Join this demo rich session and get guidance on how to keep your email (data) secure.

    Room 1
    Tue 12:30 PM — 60 min
  • Increasing the security of on-premises Active Directory with Azure AD

    Would you believe a networking infrastructure can become more secure by adding cloud to it? In this session, Sander Berkouwer and Raymond Comvalius share their real-world experience with how Azure AD-based technologies make the on-premises environments of their customers more secure.

    Air-gapping and the accompanying immense challenges for updating, activating and monitoring for admins are truly referred back to the 80s in this session. Raymond and Sander have met a lot of old-fashioned CISOs the last couple of years that truly believed air-gapping their environments and requiring multi-multi-multi-factor authentication for access off-premises was the way to go...

    In this session, learn how to embrace your organization's Microsoft Cloud to increase the security of your on-premises Active Directory and infrastructure. This is the session no AD admin should miss!

    Room 2
    Tue 12:30 PM — 60 min
  • Knock, knock...who's there? It's Azure Front Door to securely scale your App Services!

    Do you want to create robust, secure and high performance App Services without creating a complex Azure infrastructure landscape? Then Azure Front Door is the way to go!
    Azure Front Door is a globally distributed application delivery network which provides global fail-over for high availability, security and optimizations for best performance.
    In this session (for developers and infrastructure engineers), you will learn about it's features, differences with other Azure networking options and how to set up and configure Azure Front Door for your App Services by using a real-world example.

    Room 1
    Tue 12:50 PM — 60 min
  • Let's get you started with high availability and resiliency on Azure

    There are many aspects and design considerations to keep in mind, when deploying highly available applications in a public Cloud. Were Azure obviously is built with high availability and resiliency of services in mind, it takes a bit more of a design effort to really get your workloads 100% high-available. And that's exactly what this session focuses on: learning how to elevate and architect the up time of your Azure IaaS and PaaS workloads, to go from the out-of-the-box default SLA's to an almost 100% SLA to keep your applications up and running.

    Starting with Virtual Machines, Networking and Storage design best practice patterns, Wim and Karel will jump over to Platform services and show you multiple dimensions to achieve various levels of high availability and how to increase resiliency for your business critical workloads in Azure!

    Room 2
    Tue 12:50 PM — 60 min
  • Make PowerShell A Real Solution in 5 Steps

    PowerShell is a great admin tool for automating recurring tasks. Wouldn't it be great, if you could delegate PowerShell tasks to helpdesk teams and end users in a secure and easy way?

    No matter if you run on-premise, hybrid or cloud infrastructures, with ScriptRunner you can manage, run and delegate your PowerShell scripts centrally.
    In this session we show you how you achieve more with PowerShell. Expect lots of demos.

    1: Centralizing all PowerShell scripts

    2: Secure credential and permission management

    3: Automatically create easy-to-use browser user interfaces

    4: Monitoring all script activities with a customizable dashboard

    5: Delegating recurring tasks to helpdesk teams and end users

    Room 1
    Tue 1:10 PM — 60 min
  • Make things easier on yourself, delegate!

    With Microsoft's online services (like Azure and Office 365) a legion of possibilities are at your fingertips. But how do you prevent getting slowed down by day to day administrative work, like managing distribution lists, verifying Intune device compliance and adding people into groups? The answer: Delegate!

    During this session we will be looking into how you can delegate the usual day to day administrative tasks that go with managing Office 365, Intune and Azure environments. By using Administrative Units, Intune tagging, and configuring the right Exchange permissions you will be able to delegate a lot of the administrative work (overhead?) that for example your servicedesk-colleagues are fit to handle. Additionally, when implementing Identity Governance, you allow (specific) users for self-service when requesting access to specific applications, groups and Teams with the ability to set time limits on the access granted, practical for contractors as well. And finally, by implementing Access Reviews you allow (specific) users to validate active shared files to make sure no unwanted or expired access is granted to folks outside your organization. That way you can free up your time to focus on what really matters!

    It can be very beneficial to delegate the right permissions and activities at the right time, to local support teams and (specific) end-/key-users, without compromising in security, by only giving out the permissions that are really required. Microsoft enables us to do just that in many ways, but what's possible and where do you start on setting this up? We will be going through the possibilities that are available for whom, and how to configure these.

    Room 2
    Tue 1:15 PM — 60 min
  • Managing Android Enterprise with Microsoft Intune

    During this session we will outline the steps to start managing Android Enterprise devices with Microsoft Intune in various scenarios from BYOD to corporate owned. Learn how to make your mobile workers productive on Android Enterprise while maintaining device compliance and securing the corporate data outside of the corporate perimeter.

    Room 1
    Tue 1:25 PM — 60 min
  • Microsoft 365 - Dispose with care

    The last couple of years have seen a lot of changes and enhancements for records management in Microsoft 365. But many organisations are still struggeling to get records management up and running. Should they use the record center or the [new] retention labels? And what about managing a records management environment?

    In this session Albert will go through the different scenario's from a business/records manager perspective. He'll explain and show what works and what doesn't work (yet). He'll will also explain some of the caveats to the more classic records management solution, but also the new one.

    Albert will also discuss the newly released trainable classifiers and show the fileplan options which are included in Microsoft 365. If you want to get to know records management in Microsoft 365: this is the session to go to - even if you have no prior knowledge of records management.

    Room 2
    Tue 1:40 PM — 60 min
  • Power Apps laat je Tesla gekke dingen doen

    Wat is het eerste dat je als Power Apps enthousiasteling natuurlijk probeert wanneer je je Tesla in ontvangst mag nemen? Kijken of je een Power App kan bouwen waarmee je de auto kan bedienen!

    Met mijn Tesla als voorbeeld zullen wij in deze sessie tonen hoe je met behulp van Power Apps, Power Automate en Azure Cognitive Services een app bouwt waarmee je externe elementen kunt aansturen. Zowel door middel van knoppen als door spraak.

    Room 1
    Tue 1:50 PM — 60 min
  • Office 365 Labels Deep Dive

    Document managers love metadata, but end-users generally don’t. Microsoft tried to make it easier for both content managers and end-users with the introduction of Office 365 Labels. But then there is Azure Information Protection labels too, which is migrating to Office 365 unified labels. And there is still SharePoint metadata of course. What are all these labels good for? How do they work together? And how can we use them best?

    In this session I will explain the difference between retention labels and sensitivity labels. I will demonstrate how you can use labels to make sure your content stays safe, how labels can help you automatically disable guest access for Teams and SharePoint, and how to apply labels automatically, both on content in Office 365 and on content in local file shares. I will show how you can leverage Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies with your labels, and how Office 365 labels integrate into Microsoft Cloud App Security.

    Room 2
    Tue 1:55 PM — 60 min
  • Power Platform Solutions 101 2.0

    Building enterprise worthy business applications are becoming a business commodity with the help of the Power Platform and the Common Data Service... but where to start as a #CitizenDevoper and how to finish? Join this session for the basics on common sense and technical possibilities

    Room 1
    Tue 2:10 PM — 60 min
  • Pushing your Backup Strategy to the Cloud - What to Expect and What to Gain

    Everybody is talking about how great the cloud is but will it really meet and match all your needs?
    The possibilities are many, but what should you choose for what workload? During this session we will go through the entire range of backup/restore capabilities provided by Azure and present what you can expect from them so the matchmaking will be easier to make.

    Room 1
    Tue 2:25 PM — 60 min
  • Remote Apps & Desktops in Public Clouds: Experience from the field

    How does the Desktop as a Service (DaaS) landscape looks like?  Why is DaaS compelling for many? Is it compelling!? Is DaaS the successor of VDI? Join Ruben Spruijt (MVP) and you will learn the core DaaS architecture concepts, you will better understand position and differences of Azure, AWS and GCP as platform for DaaS. 
    Also, Ruben will share insights in GPU options, Remote Display Protocol differences and storage performance experiences using Azure, AWS, GCP. It will be a great session! 

    Room 2
    Tue 2:25 PM — 60 min
  • Secure and manage your data in Microsoft Teams

    Collaboration is a crucial part of our daily work lives. Microsoft Teams made collaboration easier and the sky is the limit. In between all the applause and cheers, customers are starting to answer an important question: How can we secure and manage our data? Jasper Oosterveld, Microsoft MVP & Modern Workplace Consultant, is going to answer this question. You can expect real world advise around sensitivity & retention labels, DLP and managing external access.

    Room 2
    Tue 2:50 PM — 60 min
  • Seriously! A Cloud Management Gateway is something that you want!

    In this session we'll have a good look at the Cloud Management Gateway (CMG), as it's so much more than you might think. It provides management capabilities and content for clients management over the Internet, but did you know that it can also be used to access the Configuration Manager administration service (API) over the Internet? In this demo-rich session we'll go through all these different scenarios for a CMG.

    Room 1
    Tue 3:00 PM — 60 min
  • Serverless Application Design on Azure

    You can deploy esrverless applications on Azure, but how should they be structured and how can you use the true power of CosmosDB and Frontends in your Azure serverless application. This an more we will be discussed in this session.

    Room 1
    Tue 3:05 PM — 60 min
  • The steps to effective Azure governance

    Many companies fail to understand and implement Azure governance. This can result in many unwanted results, like accidentally deleting resources in your Azure environment, non-compliance with external regulations, deploying costly resources, or deploying resources in the wrong Azure regions. The solution to this is Azure governance, the ongoing process of managing, monitoring, and auditing the use of Azure resources to meet the goals and requirements of your organization.

    In this session we are going to look at Azure Blueprints, Azure Policy, Management Groups and the Resource Graph to effectively manage your Azure environment.

    Room 2
    Tue 3:15 PM — 60 min
  • So, you’ve implemented Advanced Threat Protection, do you really think you can relax now?

    In 2016, Microsoft released Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), a security service running in Azure and powered by a combination of Windows behavioral sensors, cloud based security analytics, threat intelligence, and by tapping into Microsoft’s intelligent security graph.

    In this session filled with demo’s, Erik Loef (Microsoft MVP Cloud and Datacenter Management) and Kenneth van Surksum will show the audience the caveats concerning Windows 10 security in zero trust networks that security administrators (SecAdmin) must be aware of and why having ATP doesn't relieve SecAdmins of their duty to patch and harden systems.

    Room 1
    Tue 3:25 PM — 60 min
  • The future of Workplace as Code: Automate the configuration of the Modern Workplace

    Deploying and maintaining the configuration of the new Microsoft Workplace is hard to do. At the moment there are no mainstream tools that are delivering this functionality.

    Automation Guru - Pouyan Khabazi - and Workplace Security Expert - Frans Oudendorp - have built a PowerShell Module that helps you to deploy the configuration of a Microsoft Modern Workplace. Configuration for Azure AD and Microsoft Intune can be backed up, updated and deployed to the same and other tenants.

    In this session with lots of demos, we will show how you can use this PowerShell module and how it can help to maintain your current and new deployments. If you are a Modern Workplace admin or consultant? You don't want to miss this session.

    Room 1
    Tue 3:25 PM — 60 min
  • SLAPS - Serverless LAPS solution for Intune managed computers explained

    When moving customers from on-premise managed devices to cloud managed devices with Intune, I needed a solution for their LAPS implementation. So here is Serverless LAPS with Intune, Function App and Key Vault. In this session I'll explain the needs for a LAPS solution even in the cloud and how to implement it

    Room 2
    Tue 3:40 PM — 60 min
  • What's new in Microsoft Hyper-V and Failover Clustering 2019

    In this session, Carsten and Didier give an overview of the new features in Hyper-V and in Failover Clustering. The general preception is that Microsoft hasn't added a lot to these wonderful technologies but there is much more than you think. If you are using a Hyper-V Failover Cluster on-premises or in the Cloud this is the session for you.

    Room 1
    Tue 3:50 PM — 60 min
  • The secret of smart working unveiled with Microsoft Productivity Score

    We live and work in a time in which there is more change happening at a more rapid pace than ever before. The way in which organizations empower employees across all their devices is changing rapidly as they deliver work experiences that are more empowering and transformative for their users.

    Organizations desire to move to a consistent and unified way to enable their users across all their devices and are looking for guidance on the best way to do this that is both empowering and secure. But it this really the case? Are your employees actually empowered as intended with best system configuration? Do they collaborate in an effective and is messaging used in a way it was intended?

    Get all the insights with Microsoft Productivity Score you always needed too. Get answers how your organization works and more important where improvements exists to thrive your transformation! This is a must visit session for IT Managers and IT pro's who wants to improve your organization works and prioritize the way IT is optimized.

    Room 2
    Tue 4:15 PM — 60 min
  • Windows Admin Center Deep Dive

    In this session we will dig into Windows Admin Center. Join me for a full session on all the rich features of Windows Admin Center. I will share my experiences on using Windows Admin Center in my daily work with clients.

    - I will show you how you can enhance your work with Windows Servers with some easy steps.
    - There will be some tips and tricks
    - Some real world experiences

    And there will also be a 5 min QA at the end for any questions

    Room 1
    Tue 4:20 PM — 60 min
  • You’re probably doing it wrong! More effective security through integrated solutions.

    By focusing on point solutions, many organizations are tackling security the wrong way and missing out on a more efficient and effective way to protect, detect and respond to (new) threats. Come in and learn how the playing field os changing and why your security approach should too!

    Room 1
    Tue 4:30 PM — 60 min
  • Zero Trust, Zero Hype, Zero Risk

    A session about Azure AD Identity Protection, Multi-Factor Authentication, and working password-less. We also take a look at Cloud App Security. Please join me in this session to learn how to keep our users safe out there.

    Room 1
    Tue 4:50 PM — 60 min
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